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  • May Town Meeting

    At Town Meeting this month, we took time to celebrate our successes.  Thank you to Ms. Minichino, Mr. Couvertier, and Mrs. Cruz for recognizing our students and teachers, and encouraging our students to celebrate that there "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" by dancing throughout the building.  Check out some of our reactions to seeing our school community dance! ...

    May 25, 2017
  • STEM Day!

    Our students had the opportunity to participate in Engineering Design Challenges for STEM Day.  Students made boats, homes, bridges, cars, and even solar ovens that cooked us s'mores!  Check out some pictures that were taken throughout the day!  ...

    May 19, 2017
  • Mother's Day Luncheon

    Happy Mother's Day! Thank you to all of our moms for what you do every day to support your child.  We hope you enjoyed our annual Mother's Day Luncheon because we appreciate all that you do. ...

    May 11, 2017
  • City-wide Art Show

    Congratulations to all of our students who represented our school at the City-wide Art Show.  Our artists had the opportunity to display their work for the community to see in a real gallery in New Haven.  Your artwork is phenomenal.  Thank you to Mrs. Schrier and Mrs. Platt for "brushing up" our art skills. ...

    May 4, 2017
  • Third Quarter Recognition Ceremony

    Congratulations to all of our students who earned awards this quarter!  Keep up the great work! ...

    May 3, 2017
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